About Creative Space For Rent

I’ve had the problem of finding a place to work, and since the Pandemic, access to space has been even harder to come by. But rolling with the punches we start to work differently, utilizing spaces in ways that we had not done so in the past. People have started businesses, new hobbies, taken courses, learned new crafts and skills and that interest is not going away anytime soon. The demand for safe space is high and will continue to be so. In fact it could develop into a new great business concept like the craft beer industry has used to boom.

Just an idea for those out there looking for the next good business venture. Sounds like a franchise idea, if so, I want crack at the first one please.

I have had many hobbies and I continue to try different crafts. I am now making Kumiko, a Japanese woodworking technique using no fasteners. I love it and will probably continue until can’t anymore. I have been married for 46 years to my wonderful wife, have two talented sons, two fantastic daughters in law and the sweetest grand daughters anyone would want. I am blessed!

Thank you
Rupe Power