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Sheet Music


Virtual Sheet Music, Inc.
Get sheet music for piano, guitar, voice, violin, flute, ensembles, genres, and also get some free stuff.
Virtual Sheet Music, Inc.


Sheet Music Plus
The world’s largest sheet music store! Every genre of music!!
Sheet Music Plus


Song Writing


>> Write Songs That Sell

You don’t need much space to write songs and you can always rent recording space when you are ready.
Five Modules To Creating Your Song.
– The Melodies Module shows you how to write creative but catchy melodies for your songs.
– The Lyrics Module shows you how to write lyrics that create an emotional impact on your listeners.
– The Chord Progressions Module shows you how to come up with chord progressions that work for your overall idea.
– The “Big Idea” Module presents you with an organized way to come up with an overall concept for your songThe “Big Idea” Module.
– Bonus Module: Mindset + Practice, whether you’re starting with chords, melodies or lyrics, you’ll be able to create an incredibly effective song.
Write Songs That Sell
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